Everyone has a mental health story. Talking about it shouldn't be taboo.

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Holistic Treatment for Mental Illness is Explored in Forthcoming Doc, ‘American Bipolar’

If you’ve ever asked a group of people for advice when you’re not feeling well, you know that there’s more than one theory out there when it comes to the treatment of any...

Teen Filmmakers Team Up to Educate Peers About Depression

Being a teenager can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be….awfully depressing. Three high school students in Burbank, CA have tackled the issue of depression (and not just tulle-induced depression) head-on...

New Short Film Examines the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Violence

There’s no smooth way to dive into this topic, so we might as well lay it out right away: the connection between mental illness and violence has tragically been in the news with...

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Film is a powerful tool for creating connections and getting conversations started around the complex topic of mental illness. Our workshops are interactive discussions with students, based around short films from the OLIVE Film Collection. Each workshop directly connects students with local mental health resources and encourages early help-seeking. We currently offer high school, college/university, and corporate workshops in various regions of the US and Canada.

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Hear students and winning filmmakers reflect on their experiences at our workshops and winning our OLIVE Film Competition!

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