AWI Sanctuary Space presents: Film Winner Premiere “moon square saturn.”

An ongoing Continued Connections program that creates virtual spaces for people to connect at the intersection of art and mental health.

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Featured National Resources:

Crisis Text Line
988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
Trans Lifeline
The Trevor Project
Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM)
Black Mental Health Alliance
Learn how to support someone else’s mental health: Be There Certificate

About the filmmaker:

MIKAILA SIMONE MACK – Mikaila Simone Mack (she/her) is an Atlanta-based filmmaker, spoken word poet, and astrologer. The subjects of her films are often mental health and spirituality related. Currently, Mikaila has been working on a poetic short film series based on poetry and prose pieces from her recently published novel, returning home. Mikaila Simone Mack has won awards for writing and has been published internationally in projects related to mental health and spirituality. Mikaila aims to highlight the experience of trauma and healing in her work through a lens of radical honesty. She hopes that ultimately, readers and viewers feel seen and understood by her work. By exposing the inner workings of her mind, Mikaila intends for others to feel inspired to create a world that is artistic and compassionate toward their own healing journey.


Date:January 6, 2023
Time:1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Workshop Evaluation

100% of participants felt the event created awareness of mental health issues
100% of participants felt the event created awareness of mental health issues
100% of participants felt the event created awareness of mental health issues
I’m so happy about the accessibility. I pet sit and was in the midst of tidying the house and taking care of the cats, but I was able to participate via mobile w no issues. I loved getting to know more about the connection of the title and how it informed the film, I’m into astrology as well so learning more about that piece was cool. "
-Sanctuary Space attendee

Films Screened

Films screened and discussed at this workshop

moon square saturn.
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Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission The MHSOAC provides vision and leadership, in collaboration with clients, their family members, and underserved communities, to ensure Californians understand mental health is essential to overall health. MHSOAC holds public mental health systems accountable, provides oversight for eliminating disparities; promotes wellness, recovery and resiliency; and ensures positive outcomes for individuals living with serious mental illness and their families.