CMHA Mental Health for All Conference 2016

Using Film to Create Relational Support and Encourage Early Intervention on Postsecondary Campuses

Movies for Mental Health is an evidence-based program designed to use artistic expression to expose the complicated, personal issues related to mental illness and to create a platform for art to have a positive social impact on young people. This interactive session will actively engage participants in a discussion and demonstration of the role film can have in reducing stigma related to mental illness and encouraging early intervention.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of using short film to engage students in safe discussion and how this effectively mobilizes them to access available resources.
  • Show compelling films that portray the daily realities of living with, and managing mental health issues.
  • Display the connective superpower of art and its impact on compassion and a reduction in self stigma.
  • Provide an overview of how to give  youth opportunities to be change makers and leaders engaged in community wellness.


Date:September 27, 2016
Time:8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Hilton Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2L2 Canada

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Workshop Evaluation

72% of attendees were very satisfied with this session
78% of attendees were very satisfied with the organization and clarify of the session
Very exciting program. Great to use art to promote awareness and healing. Reminder of the importance of non-linear learning. "
-Session Attendee