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About That…

Summer and Jonathan are in love, but love isn’t enough for some people. Their relationship can only be described as pure bliss. Unfortunately, the world is uncomfortable with the pair and a series of events start to hint at Jonathan’s mental stability.


Directors Note:

My new film About That… is a sensitive love story about a fragile reality constructed by Jonathan, who needs his world to stay in tact. But he feels that he’s under siege by friends who are trying to pull him back to reality. It also takes a look into mental health and acceptance in society.


Content heads up: delusions

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Director: Damien D. Smith

Actor and filmmaker Damien D. Smith lives to tell stories. His sense of artistry allows him to use the platform as a tool to boldly spread a message of acceptance and love to humanity. He believes that it is the artist’s responsibility to challenge, motivate and challenge the world around us. Born in St. Louis and raised by his grandparents, Smith developed an early appreciation for helping others. His grandmother imparted a deep-rooted passion for community, faith, and social activism. Her gift for taking care of those that were mentally, physically or emotionally challenged planted an irreversible seed of empathy in Smith, and a desire to shed light on various injustices and all of the “ism’s” that keep people from truly connecting. A seasoned actor with over fifteen years in the industry, Smith has appeared in the NAACP Theater Award-winning production of “12x9,” television series including “Tosh.O,” “The American Dream” and “Front Seat Chronicles.” He can also be seen in the forthcoming feature film THE PROBLEM Y, directed by Joseph Benjamin Miller. Smith is a true Renaissance man, writing, directing, producing and acting with equal passion and dedication. Smith’s directorial debut is a short narrative film entitled ABOUT THAT, a powerful look at love through the eyes of a mentally disturbed young man. The film implores the audience to engage in meaningful discussions around the subject of mental health in our communities, and to remove some of the isolating stigma of the illness. Smith resides in Los Angeles, and is working on several upcoming projects, including a narrative feature that he will write and direct.

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Suicidality can be experienced by anyone, and it could be part of mental illness diagnosis or not. Approximately 90% of individuals who die by suicide...


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