ecopsychology-the art of self-redemption

About the video:~ecopsychology~ the art of self-redemption


At age 50, I picked up a video camera as my answer to healing myself from the demons of mental illness and to address my mid-life crisis. Over the next six years, I’ve had the honor of photographing and videotaping over 750 miles of the California Central Coast. This work represents the library created over the last two years.

The mushrooms were shot outside of my front door; it represents how fleeting life is. The bee is my first macro photo and was shot at a local park; as was the hummingbird and the red plant. They represent how close a beautiful scene is to us if we simply look.

As an “older” student with a mental illness, I struggled to find my place on campus, challenging myself to get the best grades possible and run a household where there is never enough. This keeps me running at a full clip even when I’m asleep. I needed to find balance, a tool so to speak; the kind that would strengthen my resolve and heal me of the barrage of stresses I experience on a daily basis.

I found the answer right outside of my door-It’s called “nature.” When my stress levels become high, rather than to turn to unhealthy methods of relief, I simply walk outside and focus on the blades of grass, what lives inside of those blades? I take stock of the birds that fly over my home and where are they heading? I also make a conscious decision to stop, get in my car or take the train to a place where there are no cellphone signals.

Without the heavy presence of electro-magnetic waves that we are all subjected to in urban areas, for as little as 30 minutes; I give my body and mind a much needed rest and I am redeemed. This piece shows the stark contrast as well as the commonality of our lives and the 6 principles of nature. Those principles are:

1.     Determination

2.     Strength in adversity

3.     Adaptability

4.     Storing inner strength

5.     Collaboration

6.     Consistency

In my eyes, the challenge is: Embracing them and committing ourselves to a life of balance with creation. I also believe that if we take the time to investigate, to notice and apply the 6 principles, in time, we will naturally begin to demonstrate these timeless qualities in our own lives, making a positive impact on our planet as well as the lives of others.

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