‘Haunted’ is a powerful stop motion animation which highlights the feelings of fear and isolation which are sometimes experienced by people who live with dementia.  The film was completed for my final project whilst studying on a BA (Hon) Illustration and Animation Degree.  

The story was inspired by my late father, Samuel Floyd who suffered with Parkinson’s and late-set Dementia.  I cared for my Father for over 18 years.

Making the connection between being haunted and having dementia isn’t that far removed, when considering a dementia sufferer’s perspective.  The horrifying experience of seeing a stranger’s face looking back at you through the mirror is a terrifying one.

The animation starts with the impression of an elderly man being haunted, the last scenes of the film explain that the man is suffering from dementia. He is confused when the dressing gown moves to the other side of the room because he is unable to remember that he has moved it himself. The grandfather’s clock shows a 15 min time difference.

Mirrored-self misidentification is a common symptom of dementia and this is highlighted in the film.   

The film can be difficult to watch however, i really wanted people to understand that Dementia isn’t just a person with memory problems. It’s more than that it’s an illness which as a massive impact on your mental health and well being.  

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