Release Me

An old bear with PTSD singing along with his dulcimer in a Zoo. He has spent his whole life in a cage. Now this very night he is singing a lullaby to his friends, remembering his memories from childhood with his mother. He is looking towards the moon wishing and singing 'Release Me".

Also appreciated by PETA International , this video is dedicated to Jean Ritchie (December 8, 1922 – June 1, 2015), who was an American folk music singer, songwriter, and Appalachian dulcimer player.

This short film is a representation of the short and long term emotional and psychological  trauma caused by taking animals out of the wild, (in some cases) away from their families, and confining them inside of zoos for the entertainment of humans. Not only do zoo animals have lower life expectancy than wild animals, but their quality of life is diminished greatly, especially for animals that naturally move around a lot, such as elephants (which can walk more than 50 miles in a day, and have their life expentancy cut in half in captivity). While there are zoos that exist that take good care of their animals, and in some cases even can boost an animals quality of life, using living creatures for profit will inevitebly lead to abusive and neglectful practices and these animals will never be recognized for the suffering they have been through. Animals taken away from their families feel the same amount of pain as a human child who was abandonned by his family or had his/her family die in a car accident, and animals held in captivity feel the same way as criminals in prison, without having commited any crimes to end up in captivity.

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