AWI Short Film Competition

Rompiendo Olas (Breaking Waves)

An intimate and poetic documentary of migration, family unity and a search for healing the self, Rompiendo Olas centers on a young migrant worker who periodically fights a personal battle with anxiety and depression. Describing his illness as intense “olas que rompen/waves that break.” His struggles and health exploration are the focus of our story.

Content heads up: mention of physical abuse and Alcohol Use Disorder, description of depression

Director: Adàn Àvalos

Adán Ávalos is a filmmaker and scholar who believes in exploring both theory and practice of art, directing his own documentaries and art installations. As one of eleven children from a Mexican migrant labor family, Adán has focused his artistic and scholarly career on paying tribute to the lives and experiences within migrant communities.

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Depression causes severe, negative changes in the way you think and feel which makes it difficult to manage day-to-day tasks and activities such working, sleeping,...

Substance Use Disorder

Substance abuse refers to the harmful use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and drugs. Substance use can lead to addiction and dependence, creating a condition...


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