Hi I just wanted to start planning my vision and it helps writing things down. My name is Weston James Lord, I'm 19 and I was diagnosed with (AML) Leukemia, on June 8th of this year. Currently I'm writing all I can, trying to create as much as I can. I have just finished my 3rd round of chemo at Rady's children hospital in San Diego. My vision is to leave behind music, film and writing to help all cancer patients through their difficult time. I now, understand how tough a battle like this is, not just on the body but the patient's mind. I believe there are so many different points to cancer that need to be addressed that are not being recognized .i.e the addiction to painkillers and withdrawals. I want to make a film accurately showing how dark it can get but also how it can always get better. there were points, where I wanted to be dead, i felt defeated. i felt so lost for so long but I believe it is during your hardest trials, your hardest ordeals, do you finally discover yourself. Sorry for rambling, when I write freehand everything because somewhat incoherent.  


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