The Intricacies of PTSD Are Explored in Forthcoming Film ‘MENSCH’

If you’ve ever been called a “mensch,” don’t worry — it’s a good thing.

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            Unlike “putz,” which…is not so good (sorry about your luck, Randall).

“Mensch” is a Yiddish term of endearment meaning “a person of integrity and honor,” and it’s also the name of a forthcoming documentary from student filmmaker Derek Allison about the realities of living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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A senior radio-television-film senior at the University of Texas, Allison was inspired by his real-life friend, Jimmy, who returned from Iraq with a diagnosis of PTSD, and who–along with other veterans–felt a lack of accurate representation of the true PTSD experience on film.

“A lot of films that have covered PTSD in the past have dealt more with external [appearances],” says Allison in an interview with the Daily Texan. “Our film is going to go more into the mind and allow the audience, for all of 12-plus minutes, to feel anxious and feel stressed as though they are actually part of this character.”

Together with his lead actor, Kyle Krogen, Allison interviewed several veterans to gain intimate knowledge of their daily experiences with PTSD, which go far beyond the stereotypical anxiety and flashbacks usually associated with the disorder.

Allison and the Mensch team took to Kickstarter to raise $13,000 for production costs, and exceeded their goal by $2,121. They have also partnered with a fiscal sponsor, The Suiting Warriors Foundation, which provides business attire to veterans who are preparing to re-enter the job market.


Best of luck to Allison and all of the dedicated artists working on Mensch! We look forward to seeing this important film reach completion.

For more information and updates on Mensch, be sure to visit its Facebook page here.



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