Paul Sanbar

Movies for Mental Health Facilitator

Paul Sanbar

Paul Sanbar has spent a lifetime in pursuit of nudging others towards their goals and dreams, whether it be through therapeutic means, powerful coaching questions, or merely by performing inspirational poetry. Through the written word, his goal action workshops and his creativity launch coaching practice, his mission is to empower young adults to move beyond their fears of the unknown and into a place where their values are aligned with their desires and their words are congruent to their actions.

Paul holds a Master’s in Psychology – Marriage & Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate University in Los Angeles and gleaned his solution-focused coaching skills from Erickson College International in Vancouver, British Columbia. Looking to bolster his skillset, he is currently completely a niche certification from the Creativity Coaching Association as well.

As a Professional Certified Coach [PCC] with the International Coach Federation, he married his love for entrepreneurship, creativity, and personal development to create his niche as a young adult Launch Coach, specifically working with aspiring creative professionals. Paul’s passion for serving young adults comes from his own delayed launch into adulthood due to severe depression and struggles with codependency. He believes that through creative expression, he found his voice and the will to bring about positive change; hopefully, leaving this place just a little better than he found it.

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