Ren Niles

Our Bodies, Our Mind facilitator

Ren Niles

An artist of over 20 years; an educator of 15 years and; an academic of 5 years; Ren Niles (she/her) is a creative/writer/intellectual whose work/word/art/thought embodies the realities of her lived experience and intersectional identities.

A critical thinker engaged in challenging and interrogating anti-black racism, she is dedicated to the creation of space for the black psyche to heal from intergenerational traumas and invested in social justice strategies that claim agency for black bodies.

Her facilitation skills are rooted in the practice/philosophy of word: sound: power; distilling complex ideas into metaphor and analogies, that enable/facilitate conversations between the mental, emotional and physical intellects of the body. She believes the activation of these
intellectual ley lines within us are key in opening wider and necessary conversations between us all.

She trusts that the end game is to heal and serves to midwife the political and personal revolutions of a healing practice.

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