Yasaman Nassab

Advisory Board Member - Student

Yasaman Nassab

Yasaman Nassab (she/her) is a passionate community college student who is double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She is working towards completing her bachelor’s degree to become a Licensed Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, and Life Coach.

Her hope is to be able to use and disseminate all of her knowledge for the public good as well as destigmatize mental health issues and be able to make a difference on a personal, societal, and global level. Partaking in global mental health projects and helping those in low and middle-income countries, and doing research, and helping to incorporate treatment plans in these areas are also up there on her bucket list. Opening up a non-profit for those who can’t afford mental health services and being an activist for fighting for certain district policies are something near and dear to her heart, which she hopes to achieve one day. She would like to research trauma, global mental health and culture, and lastly therapeutic methods and be able to add to the body of knowledge regarding these topics.

In her free time, Yasaman loves to read, listen to podcasts, learn new things and travel!

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