New Video Series Expresses Mental Health Issues Through Music and Dance

Sometimes dancing can express thoughts and feelings more accurately than any combination of words ever could.


                                            …for better or for worse.

New York City-based group Navatman, Inc. is exploring how the art of dance can be used to explore mental health issues in a new video project entitled “The Mirror,” which launched last month. The three-part series covers a range of topics, but began with “Part I: The Heart Races,” which delves into anxiety and mental health.


Navatman’s series relies heavily on Bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance. Choreographed and danced by Srinidhi Raghavan and Sahara Sambamoorthi, the videos aim “to give a voice to the reflections that are seen but unheard, and the emotions that are felt but unexpressed.”

The second and third parts of the video series will deal with gender bias and displacement, respectively, and keep inline with Navatman’s mission statement to emphasize Indian classical music and dance. The organization strives to keep South Asian arts alive and thriving in New York City, and by using the arts to combat stigma and break down cultural barriers of silence surrounding mental health issues, Navatman accomplishes something far greater than a humble video series.

You can learn more about Navatman, Inc. on their website. We look forward to watching the rest of The Mirror series!


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