Presenting Our Latest Short Film Competition Winner: Still Here

Art With Impact is pleased to announce our latest short film competition winner, Britney Dennison, and her short film Still Here.


Centered around the story of Jason, Still Here is a study of bullying, especially as it impacts those in the LGBTQ community. Jason–who was physically and sexually assaulted as a result of his sexual orientation–has utilized the healing and expressive power of art to process these painful memories. In telling his story through film, he hopes the audience will explore the far-reaching effects of bullying, and what it means for young people today. You can watch Jason and the film in its entirety here.

Filmmaker Britney Dennison is the Research Advisor for Men’s Health Research at the University of British Columbia. She is also the deputy director of the Global Reporting Centre where she specializes in mental health reporting and international journalism. She has won numerous awards, including several Edward R. Murrow awards, and her work has appeared in the Toronto Star, the Tyee, CTV, Al Jazeera and more. She works in conjunction with the ‘Still Here Project’ which consists of interviews with people from the LGBTQ community who share their experiences of depression and suicide. For more information about the Still Here project please visit:

AWI also owes a big shout-out and thank you to the Heads Up Guys org, which helped us put the call out for films that centered around male mental health, in an effort to broaden the topics represented in our short film library. Thanks to their help, we now have access to this amazing new work.

Congratulations, Britney! We look forward to what impactful work you will create next.

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