AWI Short Film Competition

Me Too

A Youtube vlogger experiences sexual violence at a party, and how she learns to cope with the after effects of trauma is seen through the eyes of her webcam. ‘Me Too’ is the public dramatization of a very private struggle faced by millions of women worldwide.

Content heads up: sexual assault

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Director: Maya Bastian

Maya Bastian is a filmmaker, a writer and an artist. She has won awards and exhibited her short films internationally. Her short hybrid film ‘Air Show’ received national press for it’s look at refugee reactions to the National Air Show. She is a recipient of the Al Magee Screenwriting Mentorship, was included in Reelworld Film Festival’s Emerging 20 and has been selected for filmmaking grants by Art With Impact, Home Made Visible, the Canada Art Council, Ontario Art Council and Toronto Art Council. She is currently in post-production on her short film ‘Tigress’ which looks at militant rebellions and the ways in which we rebel. Her work frequently explores trauma as it relates to community and culture.



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