Our Bodies, Our Minds

Our Bodies, Our Minds is an embodied, active two-hour workshop on college and university campuses, exploring the mental health impacts that sexual violence can have on survivors and communities. Our Bodies, Our Minds is building more supportive communities by:

  • Being FOR EVERYONE! We view sexual violence as a community issue – everyone knows at least one survivor of sexual violence
  • Using theater and embodied techniques that welcome all people to step into different roles, and build empathy for others
  • Exploring potential mental health impacts of sexual violence (including anxiety, PTSD, depression, eating disorders, self hatred, fear, insomnia, and others) and reducing stigma around symptoms of mental health issues
  • Learning how to support survivors – as friends, family, partners, and peers

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Art With Impact collaborates with local resources at each step of the organizational process, closely working with on-campus organizers, students, and panelists who represent mental health and sexual violence resources. Because students are personally introduced to people who represent local, accessible resources and opportunities, the young people we serve can become leaders and change-makers in the way we discuss issues related to mental health.

Mental health and social justice education outcomes :

  • Increased awareness of the mental health impacts of sexual violence;
  • Reduced feelings of isolation, and both personal and public stigma around mental illness and sexual violence; increased awareness of real experiences of survivors;
  • Direct connection with mental health and sexual violence resources available on campus and in the community; and an increased intent to reach out for support and be an advocate for survivors.

Theater and creative outcomes :

  • Engagement in active and embodied activities to understand others’ experiences more deeply;
  • Experience in participating in or observing improvised theater for social change;
  • Exploration of cognitive and emotional responses and personal impact of group discussion and artistic expressions;
  • Experience the power that the arts can have to transform the lives of the artist, the audience, and communities as a whole.

Ready to host Our Bodies, Our Minds?

For the US, contact Maya + for Canada contact Natalie.

"It was eye-opening to feel something from another person's perspective.""
-Student Attendee

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