Art With Impact hosts workshops for high schools, colleges and universities, and corporations.

Our workshops take place on campuses across the U.S. and Canada. The goals for Art With Impact’s workshops are to use the power of art to reduce both internalized- and cultural stigma around mental illness, connect individuals with local mental health resources, and encourage the next generation of filmmakers to use their art to create social change.

I really enjoyed the use of film as a medium for portraying mental health"
-Student Attendee

Workshop Types


Our corporate workshops are an opportunity for companies to facilitate productive, safe discussions about mental health in ways that actively engage employees and connect them to existing resources.

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Art With Impact offers on-site workshops for high schools that want to educate students about issues of mental health in a compelling and engaging way that uses the emotional power of art and media.

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Our campus workshops feature interactive discussion among students, discussion of films from our media library, and an immediate connection to resources and engagement opportunities through a panel discussion.

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Past Workshops

Art With Impact has done workshops in a huge variety of different college campuses, high schools, and corporations. Check out some of our past events to get a feel for what we do. View Past Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Art With Impact has many workshops planned all across California, New England, and Canada. Check out our calendar to see when we are coming to a venue near you! View Upcoming Workshops

Use Film to get the conversation started. Learn more about hosting a workshop today!

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