Movies for Mental Health

Movies for Mental Health (M4MH) are 2-hour workshops on college and university campuses that focus on empowering young adults, educators, health professionals and community members to gain a better understanding of mental health within their environment. Knowing that art speaks the language of our interior worlds, we harness film to engage with young people on the vital topic of mental health, inspiring and empowering them to tell their own stories and access resources available to them.

Want to book? Email Andrew for US, and Natalie for Canada.

Don’t forget to check out our theater-based workshop, Our Bodies, Our Minds, which explores the mental health impacts that sexual violence can have on survivors and communities.

Art With Impact collaborates with local resources at each step of the organizational process, closely working with on-campus organizers, including students in the film selection and seeking out panelists who represent accessible resources. Because students are personally introduced to people who represent local, accessible resources and opportunities, the young people we serve can become leaders and change-makers in the way we discuss issues related to mental health.

Mental health education outcomes:

  • Reduced feelings of isolation, and both personal and public stigma around mental illness.
  • Increased awareness of real experiences of mental illness.
  • Direct connection with mental health resources available on campus and in the community.
  • An increased intent to reach out for help for a mental health issue if/when necessary.

Film and artistic analysis outcomes:

  • Engagement in interactive analyses of the media’s portrayal of mental illness.
  • Exposure to techniques used by independent filmmakers to express truths and change perspectives.
  • Exploration of cognitive and emotional responses to short films.
  • Experience the power that the arts can have to transform the lives of the artist, the audience, and communities as a whole.

Ready to host Movies for Mental Health?

For the US contact Andrew + for Canada contact Natalie.

Hosting Movies for Mental Health

71% of participants reported an increased intent to reach out for help for a mental health issue if/when necessary"
-2017-18 AWI Evaluation Data

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