Movies for Mental Health

Movies for Mental Health (M4MH) are 2-hour workshops on college and university campuses that focus on empowering young adults, educators, health professionals and community members to gain a better understanding of mental health within their environment. Knowing that art speaks the language of our interior worlds, we harness film to engage with young people on the vital topic of mental health, inspiring and empowering them to tell their own stories and access resources available to them.

Want to book? Email Andrew for US, and Natalie for Canada.

Don’t forget to check out our theater-based workshop, Our Bodies, Our Minds, which explores the mental health impacts that sexual violence can have on survivors and communities.

About Movies for Mental Health

Hosting Movies for Mental Health

Healthy Minds at De Anza
Cerritos College
Porterville College
Riverside City College
Cuesta College
University of San Francisco