Mood Swings

BAYCAT's Youth Music Producers perform an original track for Zoom In, Episode 31: State of Our Minds. 

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Director: Gianni Kenny

Cinematographer & Editor: Marcellino Rosario

Motion Graphics: James Parker Pennington / Orione Moray


Written & Performed By: Alex Sorto, Angela King, Da’myiah Lewis, Isaiah Manuel, Jazzeia Edwards, Omari King, Ze’Vonte Hamilton

Produced by Isaiah Manuel



Hi, I’m grateful, 

nice to meet you

appreciative of all the things I get 

and my parents too

never take for granted

If you, If you know you had it

you know what I got

so you know I can’t brag it



I’m happy and you know

that’s what make my beats so dope

don’t care the haters say

hate cause they ain’t go no flow

Angela first verse just killed ya

Now I’m on the second verse gonna finish ya

Beat so hard I can make more

Flow hard, but how about yours

I’m happy, I’m confident

I should make money for the music, I’m Poppin

Make money for the music I’m Poppin,

Don’t care what people say

they just love to hate

I’m happy in my lane

thats all I gotta say. 


Chorus: Angela, Jazzy, Ze’Vonte 

I may be bipolar

and I know and I know

my emotions always change

yeah, it always change

it goes up and down

left and right

feelin’ alright but I’m hurting inside

These emotions running through me

Up and down Up and down

Up Up and down

Left and right

Left Left and right, 

All around, all around


First name Quick

last name Silver

I’m so hot give you the shivers

blood flow pumpin’, keeps you jumpin’

livin’ life to the approximate

Keep your head up stay positive

Life goes by in a dash

so quick you can call me Flash



Motivation’s what I do and you should do it too

Don’t worry about them haters that’s worried about you

Never give up on yourself, cause you can get through 

People gon say things just don’t worry about what they do

see me, I worry about school

basketball is my life and yeah, that’s cool 

but I live, I live to see another day

My dad says another day is another play



Tu no puedes conmigo 

No importa si que le ser un amigo

Solo te digo son muy confidente

a la por tuya mas intelligente

Haha La unica latino este dream team

I’m confident thats my team

yo se quien soy se la que doy 

no me importa la que diga se adonde voy

I keep my head up you know what’s up

Keep waiting for what is next.   



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