AWI Short Film Competition

The Beautiful Black Man

Mitchell has the unique ability to grow flowers from his scalp. His father trained him in the painful art of plucking in order to conceal his gift – his curse. However, the arrival of a new woman in his life, Vera, might be just the thing he needs for the glory of his garden to be revealed.

Content heads up: intergenerational trauma, cultural and structural racism, self-harm, images of slavery

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Director: Calvin Walker

Calvin J Walker (he/him) is an award-winning filmmaker with the heart and pen of a poet. More importantly, he’s an artivist. In 2012, Calvin wrote and produced his first short film, The Most Beautiful Flower Blooms in Winter. Since that time, Calvin has produced work within several mediums: film, television, stage, and digital. His work has received acclaim domestically and internationally. He’s a sought after writer; working with producers in Denmark, Africa, and Atlanta. Calvin strives to tell stories that focus on social justice, spirituality, and mental health. He’s a self-taught filmmaker hailing from Dallas, TX. He is a husband and father to three.