to be normal

The body and its behavior represent an individual that is why it is so important to make a good impression among people and to hide weird ailment such as fear of the external world. People who suffer from social anxiety try to control the way their bodies behave in the public places. However, when you have to struggle with yourself each day you wish to feel as a normal person, without the humiliating strangeness that is reflected by pounding heart, itchiness of the skin, dry mouth, trembling voice, blank mind or various, unwanted ticks. 
My video reflects the constant conflict between the body and its owner. It reveals the emotions, anger caused by the impotence and the desire to get out from under the skin to show the whole world the full truth and normality of a human affected by this anxiety.

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Anxiety is the most common mental illness out there, and it takes a lot of different forms. Experiencing some level of anxiety is a normal...


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