AWI Short Film Competition

Without Beauty

Damon, recently diagnosed bipolar, agrees to go on medication for the sake of his wife and infant child.  The film is a psychological exploration of a medicated life and the sacrifices we are willing to make to be in relationship; to be a part of something larger than ourselves.


Content heads up: bipolar disorder, images of self harm, stigma, depiction of alcohol use

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Director: Garette Henson

Garette Henson lives in Brooklyn but grew up in Los Angeles working as an actor in film and television. Garette’s work frequently dwells in the realm of subjective and psychological drama, as he explores the relationship between expressive camera and subtle story. Garette received a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, and an MFA in film from Columbia University.

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder causes unusual changes in mood and behavior. While everyone has natural highs and lows, with bipolar disorder the highs and lows are extreme,...


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