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The films on this page have been submitted this month to our competition. Next month, they will be viewed and scored by a panel of jurors. These films are not a part of AWI’s permanent collection. To view the films in our collection, please visit our OLIVE Film Collection page.

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05/1/2018 - 05/31/2018

In India, suicide is on the rise in students especially during the exam results time mainly due to stress and over emphasis on results. In this regard we have made an awareness video to address this issue. This video is addressed to all the students,...
A short experimental film that depicts a dead body, killed by unknown forces.
A woman trapped in a basement is not what it seems. Her struggle for freedom in more than one way, puts her on track for her first step, admitting she has a problem.
A Short Film About Anxiety
Anxiety is the world’s most common mental health condition, but something few candidly speak about. Personal and intimate, the contributors talk via iPhones about their relationships with anxiety in their place of comfort, mixed with fantasy sequen...
A letter to myself at 16
A letter to myself at 16
An unfiltered, raw story of a struggle with perfectionism.This was a piece taken right out of my personal journal; no music, no fancy edits, just my voice and my movement. This is my message to our youth.