Beli Sullivan

High School Educator

Beli Sullivan
Known in schools as Ms. B., Beli Sullivan is a freelance teaching artist and digital media instructor currently working with Oakland’s Attitudinal Healing Connection’s ArtEsteem program as an Artist In Residence within the Oakland Unified School District. She has worked as a staff instructor, enrichment coordinator and teaching artist at the University of California, Berkeley in the 21st Century After School Learning Centers as well as the Ninth Street Independent Film Center in San Francisco with the TILT (Teaching Inter-media Literacy Tools) program, instructing intergenerational students by utilizing digital storytelling and filmmaking as a bridge to the Digital Divide.
Beli has tremendous passion for her work with children within the OUSD school system and Ms. B.’s students have delivered over 20 shorts and animated films in the past 3 years. Already a highly skilled sound designer with an eight-year career in broadcast radio, Beli became intrigued with digital animation and multi-media and in 2007 enrolled in the Bay Area Video Coalition, earning a certificate in advanced digital video and media production.
Beli continues to do collaborative work with local San Francisco Bay Area artists and independent filmmakers as well as providing support to community youth groups who are learning the art of digital media production.
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