Joanna Eby


Joanna Eby

Joanna works in accounting at Farallon Capital Management, LLC, a San Francisco based private equity firm. Joanna brings to AWI her experience combining creativity with economic savvy to fuel community development and awareness of global issues. Joanna worked with the California Trade Education Center promoting and fundraising for the International Economic Summit (IES), a world trade simulation for high school students and an educational resource later acquired by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

She has also worked with the Women’s History Museum of San Diego (WHMEC) in their educational outreach and volunteer retention programs. Understanding the importance of grassroots community involvement, Joanna has volunteered with local organizations such as Girls Inc. of Alameda county and the IRS sponsored program Earn it! Keep it! Save it! of Oakland to promote awareness of economic independence and financial literacy working with at-risk young girls and providing tax assistance and financial education to under-served communities.

Joanna lives in Oakland where she divides her free time between lake boating, lounging, trampolining and building stuff out of stuff.

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