Corporate Workshops

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One in five North Americans have a diagnosable mental illness. The question is not if your company is impacted by mental health issues, but how.

Our corporate workshops are an opportunity for companies to facilitate productive, safe discussions about mental health and mental illness in a way that actively engages employees and connects them to available resources both through the company’s health plan and community engagement.



With all of our clients, Art With Impact @ Work leverages the world’s preeminent mental health film library to produce film events that connect deeply with pre-existing support services for employees’ mental wellness. We work with businesses for at least a month leading up to each workshop to select topics most relevant to your work environment and assemble community and company mental health services to highlight for staff. Past evaluations show that over 80% of participants will be more likely to take advantage of pre-existing mental health services after participation.

For U.S.-based companies, contact Cary McQueen for more information. In Canada, please contact Natalie Daley.

Your company can change the world. Sponsor Movies for Mental Health today.

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