Director: Russell Lee and Carly Charters

Carly Charters (she/her) is a 23-year-old, Metis, commercial dancer, actor, and student originally from Calgary, Alberta. Carly has worked as a professional dancer in Canada onstage and in film and television and has also had the opportunity to work internationally on-board Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Carly is also an undergraduate student at the University of British Colombia working toward her degree majoring in Psychology. Carly is very passionate about mental health and creating art. Although, this is her first time dipping her toes into filmmaking she is looking forward to the endless opportunities this medium provides and is humbled to be able to share her story through art. Dedicated storytelling is an understatement for Russell Lee’s work. Dotted of both passion and curiosity, Russell’s love lies in delicately piecing together every piece of a puzzle to make a vision come to life. His work with “State of Underdress” and “Somedays” caught major praise when released in the public eye. His camera never too far from his hand, he’s always ready for his next adventure.

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder causes unusual changes in mood and behavior. While everyone has natural highs and lows, with bipolar disorder the highs and lows are extreme,...


Depression causes severe, negative changes in the way you think and feel which makes it difficult to manage day-to-day tasks and activities such working, sleeping,...

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is a process that involves finding balance in life, including your social, intellectual, physical (diet, exercise, medication management, substance use), spiritual, economic and...


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