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XIETY explores the ways anxiety may feel for those who suffer from it through a visual journey in Val’s mind- XIETY. Val struggles to stay mentally present during a night out with friends. What may seem like a simple, fun, and relaxing night for others is physical and mental torture for Val.

Content Heads Up: depictions and interpretations of anxiety and panic attack

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Director: Carlos Torres

Carlos is an award winning Director, Lead Editor, & Sound Designer. He’s also the co-owner of CutFocus. A production company based in Walnut Creek, California.. He’s had productions aired on TV nationally and internationally and has accumulated over 25 awards for multiple productions in the past two years, which include a 2020 Emmy for “Best Television Interview/Discussion-Program/Special”, a Second Place 2020 Gabriel Award for “Hot Topic: Human Dignity- English Television", a 2019 Gabriel Award for “Best Narrative TV Series and Storytelling”, Best Director, Best Editor and many more. Carlos is a self taught filmmaker that began his filmmaking journey with Jake in 2017. Karen Torres is a Latin, Bay Area native, Actor, and Director. whose passion for acting began during her late teenage years. After transferring from Los Medanos College, she received her Bachelor in Communication from Saint Mary's College of California with a minor in Performing Arts. She is currently represented by Marla Dell Talent in San Francisco and has experience working in print, modeling, industrials, commercials, and film. Just this year, Karen found interest and a new found skill in directing. "XIETY" was her very first written, directed, and edited micro-short along with Carlos Torres, which focuses on anxiety disorder. Karen and Carlos are a married couple who have recently started collaborating in projects. Karen recently won a number of awards for her performance in "XIETY" some of which include the following: Best Actress in an Indie Film, Best Actress, Honorable Mention Actress, Inspiring Woman in a Film, and Honorable Mention Female Filmmaker, and Honorable Mention Director. She is extremely excited to grow as a combined actor and director in order to make more impactful and meaningful work in the coming years that make a difference in people's lives. Jake had previously attended FIDM and also worked as an EMT in the Bay Area. Drawn to video production in high school, he decided to shift gears and pursue his career in filmmaking. Fast forward to 2020, Jake is now an Emmy winning Director of Photography and has accumulated over 25 awards in the past two years. He’s also the co-owner of CutFocus with Carlos Torres. Although these are his primary specialties, he also provides great skill in our motion graphics Department.

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Anxiety is the most common mental illness out there, and it takes a lot of different forms. Experiencing some level of anxiety is a normal...


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